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Our Services

10 Oct

Our Services

We are Bright & Smart Commercial Cleaning of Houston Texas

Highest Quality Cleaning in Houstan TX Guaranteed

Bright & Smart Commercial Cleaning of Houston strives to be a leader in the Texas Commercial Cleaning Industry by providing
affordable, professional commercial cleaning services. Our Highly-Qualified and trained Staff and outstanding
Customer Service will exceed your expectations.

Our Cleaning services range from Commercial cleaning to resdiedial cleaning at very affordable prices.

Here are justa few of the cleaning services we offer:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Texas

Texas Cleaning Service will keep your carpets and office floors clean and looking like brand new floors. Caring for carpets and floors is a standard service that is central to our building maintenance and service programs. Floor buffers, mops and wet, dry and heavy duty vacuum cleaners and blowers are a featured part of our inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.

By investing in the proper maintenance services your office will project a positive image to both employees and guests. The recommendations for commercial carpet cleaning are six months for heavy traffic areas and every year for lighter traffic areas. However many aspects affect how often professional carpet cleaning is necessary; such as quality, color, style and climate.

Facility Services & Commercial Building Maintenance

Texas Cleaning Service offers complete janitorial and cleaning services including waste management and addressing all environments issues.

There is nothing more crucial to building or property owners and managers than providing a clean and safe working environment for building tenants, visitors and contractors charged with day-to-day maintenance and service. We are very selective about the properties we service and are not interested in providing cut-rate services at the lowest price.

Our professional commitment to safety and supporting our customers’ needs and special requests requires employees who are motivated to much higher standards than most cleaning services in the commercial market. Many of our properties are Class A office buildings managed by demanding professionals who are constantly monitoring the quality of our work. That kind of attention requires top notch performance every day, and that is what we deliver.

Biosafe Commercial Cleaning

Texas Cleaning Service offers the secure, reliable and cost effective commercial cleaning services for your individual office or an entire office building. Our customers expect cleaning services and products that are safe and non-toxic to building tenants and visitors and just as safe and non-threatening to the environment.

We follow closely guideline set down by the EPA from selection of non-toxic Green Seal cleaning solvents and solutions to waste disposal. Mops, vacuum bags, dusters, hand towels and trash bag liners must meet government guidelines for biodegradable materials and compounds.

General Maintenance

In addition to our cleaning, maintenance, & construction, here are some other general services we provide:


Window Cleaning

Texas Cleaning Service believes that clean windows are a necessary ingredient of a safe productive working environment. Texas Cleaning can safely and professionally cleans and maintain all interior win dows as a standard part of our cleaning services.

Exterior windows on lower floors are subject to the same promise of high maintenance standards. For upper floor windows requiring scaffolding and cables, we can recommend companies that are licensed and trained in this specialized service.

Special Events Cleaning

Texas Cleaning Service will perform full range of event cleaning services. Special events require site preparation, on-going clean-up during the event and post clean-up activities. We provide cleaning services that are required for all phases of the event process from set-up to trash disposal. As always, these services are subject to inspection and will be carried out in conformance with our high quality standards for any work we perform.

A cleaning service you can trust is a major component of any facility and building maintenance service plan. One Source is committed to being that kind of service.

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